Hygiene Pride Bathrooms

At the Grand Mercure, the comfort and safety of our patrons and guests is our number one priority. Not only do we offer 5 levels of accommodation, but also the facilities a Hotel has to offer.


Our public areas are high-use areas and the standard of cleanliness is always of the highest level. Hygiene Pride supply us with 17 Sanitary Waste Disposal Units and 20 Automatic Air Fresheners serviced and refilled monthly.


Being a locally based Company, they are always available to us if needed between services.


Without Hygiene Pride’s regular and prompt attention to these necessary parts of everyday life, we would not be able to maintain our high standards.



Grand Mercure Suites

Who are we

We are a husband and wife partnership employing 3 female staff and each and every team member is committed to deliver a high quality service to our clients. We are growing our business in line with the region's expansion.

What we do

We provide:

  • A sanitary waste bin collection service as well as nappy bins.

  • Automatic aerosol dispensers for toilet areas providing a large range of  fragrances for both women’s and men’s toilets

  • Toilet sanitisers that fit most toilet cisterns and refresh the toilet bowl with each flush. (up to 1200 flushes)

  • Soap dispensers and bulk liquid soap

  • Vending machines for tampons, pads, condoms and nappies

Our Service Levels

We will help you to comply with the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2008 - which requires all employees amenities are safe and hygienic and serviceable. We are also very conscious of the environment by ensuring our sanitary waste does not enter the sewerage system..

How We Do It

Our sanitary bins are thoroughly cleaned and  fully sanitised before each use. When we visit customer premises we also check the aerosol cans, soap supplies and vending machines if applicable. Our staff are discreet when entering premises and are easily recognised in our uniforms. We will gladly tailor a service schedule that will suit your premises.  Regular weekly, fortnightly and monthly servicing is available.

Contact Us

We invite you to contact us to discuss any concerns you have with your current sanitary situation


Phone: 49 52 4441

Fax: 49 52 2644

Mobile: 0419 540 744


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