Hygiene Pride Bathrooms

Hygiene Pride has been providing service to McKays Solicitors since August, 2005.


We have appreciated the discretion with which they undertake their deliveries. The staff are courteous and friendly and a pleasure to do business with.


We know we can rely on the team at Hygiene Pride to provide efficient and timely service.


We commend the team on their efforts to date and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.


Moyea Maclean

McKays Solicitor


Regular maintainance of sanitary products

Who are we

Hygiene Pride is a locally owned and operated business and has been operating in the Mackay, Whitsunday and surrounding townships since 1996. Many business’s are benefiting from using our service. More

Waste collection service

What we do

We provide a sanitary waste bin collection service as well as nappy bins. Automatic aerosol dispensers for toilet areas providing a large range of fragrances for both women’s and men’s toilets. More

Hygiene - Servicing the Mackay and Whitsunday areas

Our service levels

Your time is important as is ours. We will respond to phone calls immediately, no need to press 1 or press 2 as we are more than happy to personally handle all of our calls. Quotes can be delivered by phone, fax or e.mail or verbally if you prefer. More

Air Fresheners

Who we deal with

Many businesses are benefiting from using our service. Amongst our clients we have many offices, factories, hotels/motels, sporting clubs, Government departments, shopping centres, caravan parks, schools and boats. We are very proud to be servicing some of the biggest companies in Australia, some of those businesses include Lend Lease, Ryco Holdings, Bridgestone Earthmoving Tyres, Tradelink and United Group Resources.